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The Social Psychology of Risk

MiProfile Organisation and Culture Evaluation

What is it?

The Human Dymensions MiProfile Diagnostic (MiProfile) is much more than just a surveying tool.

MiProfile is an experimental learning event, an assessment and evaluation tool, and a frame of reference for strategic thinking and development.

What organisations know intuitively about culture, strategy and values is rarely captured, MiProfile measures and maps “gut knowledge” in organisations.


How Does MiProfile do it?

The best way to assess organisational culture, values and beliefs by capturing the “gut” (implicit) knowledge of people in the workplace.

MiProfile does this by using Keypad technology, the survey is structured in rapid fire statements with only a few seconds to answer, using the keypad.

Each session is orchestrated by Dr Long (developer) and his team who are expert in the technology and supporting methodology. There is no writing, no need to be highly literate and its all anonymous and confidential.


How does it work?

Everyone has a keypad and responds to survey statements, results are accumulated by the computer and displayed instantly on the screen.

This has a strong affect and stimulates conversations which shape progressive responses to statements.

All statements are received “blind”, there is no capacity to predict future statements until they are revealed.



What is delivered?

The MiProfile delivers the following

  1.  An MiProfile event for small or large groups.
  2.  Immediate, open and transparent reflective knowledge of attributes and values projected in the location of delivery.
  3.  A unique methodology for investigating culture and organisational attributes and values.
  4.  An activity which stimulates learning and conversations “framed” at key issues in the organisational attributes and values.
  5.  A comprehensive report and executive summary (depending on organisational) size up to 250 pages) including demographic comparative analysis.
  6.  Comment and participatory observations by presenters.
  7.  Recommendations for strategic thinking and planning articulated by Dr Long in the report and by following up presentation/workshops.
  8.  Expert interrogation of the data and event by Dr Long (expert in social and organisational psychology).
  9. Ongoing support in change management and learning in the organisation.


How will this benefit me and my organisation?

  1.  First of all MiProfile is more than just a survey, its an event, process and experimental learning activity. The process is enjoyable and stimulating not like paper-based surveys which are often tedious, MiProfile addresses the problem of survey fatigue.
  2.  The MiProfile process offers organisations extraordinary insight and evidence into implicit beliefs (gut knowledge) held throughout the organisation. The quantitative ad qualitative results are then often used to drive evidence-based practice.

Why use MiProfile?

  1.  MiProfile is far more reliable, interactive and educational than conventional data collection processes.
  2.  An expert team ensure ethical and reliable methods to help construct the experience as well as provide qualitative participant observations.
  3.  People leave the MiProfile session stimulated and engaged about what has been revealed and transparently projected.
  4.  The MiProfile Report provides expert analysis of the organisations culture including recommendations about practical interventions, chnage management strategies and actions.


Any Downsides?

The survey session is labour intensive and therefore more costly than internet or paper-based surveys.

However, these costs are far outweighed by the benefits of the experience and the insights gathered by the presence of the expert team.