Ongoing Support

We are here to support your business, not just in the short-term, but following your certification and into the future.

Maintenance Service

Throughout the procedure of implementing your management system, our consultant will guide and train you in all the new operations which you may not have previously been doing, for example internal audits. However if you still feel you want that added security of knowing that a team of consultants are a phone call away then maybe our on-going maintenance service is for you.

Our on-going service, or maintenance as we call it, is a service whereby you are only a phone call away from professional advice and support. The consultant you have been working with through the implementation of the management system will be tasked with carrying out all your internal audits and chairing your management review meeting in accordance with your internal audit programme. The consultant will also be available to answer any queries you have, update you on the latest legislation and regulations and help you extend your scope of activities should this be required.

Our maintenance programme is offered over a 12 month period, so if after the first year you decide it is not for you then you are not tied into any long term contract.

We are increasingly taking on the maintenance of management systems that have either been written in-house or by other consultants.

Many companies find it much more cost-effective to outsource this important aspect of certification, so if you are perhaps not happy with your current consultant, or would like to pass the work onto an outside resource please give us call. We would be delighted to discuss the services we can provide.

Maintenance Service

A key reason why a large number of companies take up this option is our continued guarantee of success. We guarantee that, through your surveillance and future external audits, you shall still conform to the ever-changing standards. We know you have invested a lot of money in becoming approved through your chosen certification body. The cost of failing future audits could far outweigh the cost of continuing support from Global QA Consultants.